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Since 2013, DDCI has been a Continuing Education Provider (#50-15609) for the FL Board of Licensed Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, and Marriage and Family Therapy through our signature brand, URChoices.

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Since 2013, DDCI has been a Continuing Education Provider (#50-15609) for the FL Board of Licensed Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, and Marriage and Family Therapy through our signature brand, URChoices©. In 2018, we expanded service to all of Florida’s behavioral health professionals by becoming a CE Provider for the FL Board of Psychology.

Our staff combines years of practice and classroom educational expertise to bring both required and specialized clinical courses to licensees’ homes and offices. We invite you to partner with us to  enrich your learning experience through our continual quality improvement in course content and delivery. Read about our staff here.

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Available Continuing Education Courses

What Can I Do?: Strategies to Minimize Medical Errors

2 Hour Course

This medical errors course addresses the 3 areas mandated by Florida statute for 491 Board licensees: (1) root-cause analyses, (2) medical error reduction and prevention, and (3) patient safety in medical/health and mental health environments, and mandatory risk management reporting by nonphysician employees in licensed clinical and patient care settings in Florida.

What Mom Wanted: The 3 Keys to Supporting Healthcare Surrogates

2 Hour Course

Participants in this introductory continuing education course (2 CEUs) will explore 3 key areas critical to healthcare surrogate performance: 1) preparation, 2) information-gathering, and 3) decision-making. Following a review of surrogate statutory, advanced care planning, and decision-maker roles, participants will utilize empirically based clinical methods to assess, support, and enhance surrogate role performance in: 1) patient-surrogate communications, 2) surrogate-patient decision-making, and 3) surrogate-friendly healthcare settings (group role-play/feedback).

I Don't Know What to Do: Ethical Dilemmas and Professional Accountability in Healthcare Settings

3 Hour Course

The ever-changing healthcare treatment environment requires practitioners delivering services to adult, child, and family patients/clients in medical/mental health facilities, to remain a current, updated knowledge base to ensure ethical professional practice and legal compliance with existing laws.

But We Never Talked: Assessing And Serving Patients' Families At The Bedside

4 Hour Course

As health care surrogates, not the medical patient, make 70-90% of ICU decisions, clinicians must be prepared to serve the needs of individuals acting in the surrogate role. Beginning with a historical overview, and the statutory requirements for surrogacy in Florida, participants in this workshop will learn to prepare and support individuals to fulfill the health care surrogate role using both quantitative and qualitative surrogate assessment methods to meet surrogate needs at the bedside.

Opening Communication: Improving Patient Care

2 Hour Course

This course informs health, mental health, family therapy, and other healthcare service professionals on changes to health care surrogate representation for adults and minors under Florida’s Health Care Advance Directives Act (FL §765. 201-205, effective 10/1/15). Equipping healthcare professionals for ethical practice with adults and children, this course reviews statutory changes (eff. 10/1/15) affecting healthcare surrogate appointments and expanded surrogate duties. Effective strategies for implementing these statutory changes are proposed to assist clinicians working with future adult patients and minor patients’ guardians/custodians to appoint future surrogate representatives.

Assessing Suicide Risk

2 Hour Course

According to the CDC (2015), 1 suicide occurs every 13 minutes in the U.S., with teens, youth, sexual, and cultural minorities at higher risk. Against the backdrop of statutory mandates, professional codes and liabilities, Assessing Suicide Risk (2 CEUs) provides participants the essential tools to shift from prior “low-medium-high” categories of client risk into a risk- formulation model that supports a preventive, individualized client intervention treatment plan.

Florida Laws and Rules: Updates for Clinical Practice

3 Hour Course

This 3 hr. course is required for licensees of the FL 491 Board every 3rd biennium to inform and review recent changes to F. S. CH 456, F.S. CH 491, and F.A.C. (Rule) 64B4 (2012-2018). Participants will establish and maintain knowledge of laws and rules that regulate practitioners within the hierarchy of the Department of Health, the 491 Board, and Florida Administrative Code to enhance professional practice proficiencies.

Assessment and Prevention Strategies for Suicidal Clients

3 Hour Course

This workshop reviews current assessment instruments used to screen clients for suicidality and explores best practices and evidence based strategies for prevention. This course will be available by April 30, 2020.

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