Domestic Violence: Protecting the Vulnerable During a Crisis

Course Details
Tracking no. 20-804418
Course Type: Anytime Course
Delivery Method: Computer-based Training (Anytime/Asynchronous)

Course Description
This 2-hr. course (CEBroker Course #20-804418) offers skills to Board 491 licensees to screen and evaluate patients/clients for domestic violence (DV), whether as potential survivors or perpetrators, as defined within Florida statutes (CHs 456 and 741). First, DV prevalence and definitions frame initial course content. Secondly, after a brief review of reliable screening/assessment tools and procedures for use in identifying the presence of DV history or prevalence, the course focus turns to key community and/or advocacy groups considered for licensees to refer for patient/client services. Next, we address developing individually tailored, specialized community resources and services systems. We conclude by offering licensees aids to clinical practice via addressing initial and/or long-term therapeutic needs of clients who have been adversely affected by domestic violence. Case studies, therapy techniques, programs, and educational resources (References) are also included.

This provider, nor any of its trainers, has any associations with, nor professional and/or investment interests in, domestic violence services or programs of service.