Not many events in life loom as large as our struggles with personal problems.

In fact, troubles at home can become trouble at the office, leading nearly one-half of employees with personal problems to say their job performance suffers as a result (Inc., 2018). 

Employers and HR Directors rank retaining valued employees during a life crisis as a top workplace concern. In the words of one HR Director, “I can give them 12 weeks, but after that, I am told I must have someone in the position.” While employees question, “Do I need to leave my job to…(care for mom, move near family, etc.)?” employers and HR Directors, may see time and dollar signs looming as they ask, “Will I need to replace one of my best employees?” (Selection, onboarding, and training costs for a lost employee require about 18-months to recoup after the employee leaves.) 

Employers can envision this scenario: Imagine a 10-year veteran supervisor who oversees daily shipments. She suddenly receives a call from family in California, reporting to you that her mother is in the ICU with a massive stroke. She’ll be on the next plane to LA today. You and she create tentative plans for a 2-week initial leave time; she pledges to update you weekly. 

Meanwhile, two less experienced employees are assigned to do her job.    

At the end of the 2-week period, your valued employee phones to report that she’ll be leaving her position at month’s end. She’s needed by her family on the West Coast. Profusely apologizing, she regrets this choice, but feels she can make no other. Her family needs her!

What would it be worth to you, Employer, to be in a position to keep your valued employee? To have your business flow at peak times? To have your employee return, rather than invest time searching for a “replacement”? (Your remembering how long it took to find her.)  

We know how this feels! And we can help before this threat occurs! 

Our URChoices© training package, Coping with Crises, was created for preventing just this type of foreseeable employee crises before it happens, when emotions are calmer and thinking, clearer. In fact, employers and HR Directors can breathe a bit easier using our program that offers employees needed information and resources to face, then manage, unforeseen life crises while lowering your risk of losing valuable employees as:  because: 

  • We special-tailor crisis preparation to employee needs and their unique profiles, creating personal, step-by-step action plans while maintaining employee-team connections
  • We anticipate, isolate, and identify key life problems in advance, skillfully supporting employees in crises ahead of time, proactively rather than reactively
  • We use blended training (mixing live, interactive training with on-line delivery)
  • We share your goal: To return employees to work faster, and be more productive, after a life crisis event 


Ask us how we can help your team Cope with Crises, help support managers, retain valuable employees and reduce replacement costs while improving productivity through targeted workforce education.