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Have you ever thought about what you will do when a loved one is ill and in critical care–when YOU must make their treatment decisions? Will you be prepared? Will you know what to do? Will you know how to do it?

Here at DDCI, we're dedicated to developing and implementing systems to support healthcare surrogates, the substitute decision-makers who guide and direct medical treatment for loved ones in intensive care units (ICUs). 

As other adults, not medical patients, make 70-90% of ICU decisions, we created URChoices© training to equip adults, spouses, adult children, parents, to make difficult medical decisions for their loved ones in the ICU and other critical care settings. 

Supporting training for individual professionals, URChoicesII© offers education courses that focus on enhancing the knowledge base of healthcare professionals engaged with patient surrogates and proxies prior to, during, and after decision-making. URChoicesII© prepares these professionals to meet a broad spectrum of decision-maker needs, before, during, and following the treatment decision experience.

In Fall 2015, DDCI introduces URChoices2U© to build supportive environments for adult decision-makers, from the time of patients' ICU entry to exit, even if treatment transitions to another critical care setting.   

The work of DDCI, its programs, services, and staff, is to support family members who make critical care treatment decisions, in the ICU or in subsequent care settings. All DDCI programs, centered in URChoices© ("your choices") training,  honors those adults who willingly, bravely step forward, accepting the challenges of directing and guiding their loved ones' treatments during medical crises. 

We have made decisions for someone we love, so we know that making treatment decisions, with or without patient guidance, is challenging. DDCI staff, available to speak with employee groups, healthcare consumers, and civic organizations, can share ways YOU can prepare for and survive the decision-maker experience.   URFamilyCorner© supports future decision-makers as they learn from real decision-makers sharing their personal experiences about making difficult decisions for parents they loved.    

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Whether you need assistance, have questions, or wish to share your decision experience as a guest in URFamily Corner©, contact us here for more information:  

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