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Our History

We understand that you’ll have questions before entrusting us with aiding you in making the next right choices. Below, you can read about our company history and review our valid credentials.

A word about changes Decision Dynamics Consulting, Inc. (DDCI), and its  proprietary training subsidiary, URChoices ©, have experienced this year (2019). Since 2008, we’ve sought client feedback, from our one-to-one personal medical or family care needs clients to licensed professional clients. This year we noted more of our one-to-one clients were encouraging us to expand our reach to more people, to share the results they had experienced with us with others, in a bigger way.

In short, our clients asked us give to the workplace what we had given them. Their rationale? More people could benefit sooner from have resources proactively, in advance, before life crises, such as separation, death, prolonged medical illness or trauma, occurred. We took that recommendation seriously, reaching out to our Human Resources colleagues for their views. Their survey responses indicated overwhelming support, ranking supporting employees during life crisis #1 or #2 (of 4 areas). They affirmed our clients’ recommendations.

  • Retain valuable employees
  • Lower office conflict
  • Increase productivity
  • Help employees during a life crisis

These help to build blocks in a culture of trust, an essential attribute of top-performing companies, as well as save on hiring, onboarding, and training costs for incoming team members that were hired to replace employees that have left the company.

We have embraced this proactive workforce outreach in our revised structure and team. Whether you’re a small, independent, corporate or government employer, we invite you to explore our website.

While here, pick up the phone, or use our appointment self-service platform to schedule an employer discovery session. We’ll work together to help identify problems or gaps in current problem-solving strategies and help you create and build workforce solutions together.