Life happens.
Employees need a plan when a crisis strikes.

Improve employee retention, organizational productivity and reducing risk in the workplace by being prepared to equip employees with tools and resources for when a family crisis hits.

We help employers and HR professionals find a variety of solutions.

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Organizational Productivity

We work with companies and organizations to maintain productivity levels with employees that may be struggling.

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Employee Retention

We strategize to help companies and organizations help retain employees, minimizing extra training and costs associated with the onboarding process.

Support for the Team

We’ll work directly with your employees and staff members during their life crises to minimize negative impacts on the business.

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Reducing Risk in the Workplace

We’ll work directly with your employees and staff members during their life crises to minimize negative impacts on the business.

Having made a prior decision to keep his wife on life-sustaining treatment and realizing a future decision exists, one husband says that the talk with Dr. Julie “…brought us closer together, to understand what each other’s wishes are and that…maybe we give each other the opportunity to let the treatment work before we honor the other’s final wishes.”

H. P.

Let's partner together to support your employees.

Employees are a company’s lifeblood, as employers invest endless hours in hiring the “right” employee for the “right” position, placing employee selection and retention at the top of both the employer’s and the HR director’s priority lists.
Learn how we can help your company retain employees in the time of a crisis.
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Discovery Sessions

Each organization is different. One size does not fit all. Training should be tailored to define and prioritize major problems plaguing the company environment or preventing workforce growth. Every URChoices training begins with an assessment, for without it, remedying specific problems becomes impossible.

Organizations and Individuals

URChoices incorporates the ERI Questionnaire to help employers evaluate employee perceptions of effort-reward imbalances, and certified DiSC Model Behavioral specialists, to identify individual work group differences, useful in resolving conflict and developing leaders in the workplace environment.

Provide Client Service

We are relentless in designing each service package with excellence and up-to-date information in mind in order to deliver service packages with proficiency and integrity. Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop solution for evaluating ways to genuinely improve your workplace environment.

Behavioral Health Professional Training.
We know our stuff.

Since 2013, Decision Dynamic Consulting, Inc (“DDCI”) (CE Provider #: 50-15609) has provided continuing education to Florida’s behavioral health professionals licensed by the 491 Board (Licensed Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling). After serving the 490 Board (Florida Board of Psychology) from 2018 through 2022, we now focus exclusively on trainings of all types, live, virtual, and anytime/asynchronous courses for Florida 491 Board licensees. With years of professional practice and classroom education expertise, our staff delivers clinical courses directly to licensees’ homes and offices. For professional groups and organizations preferring live, on-site training and workshops, please contact us.

Decision Dynamics Consulting, Inc. is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM) to serve Federal, State, and local governmental entities as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). Please review our capabilities statement.