Assessing Suicide Risk

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Course Description

For clinicians conducting a suicide risk assessment, this course, Assessing Suicide Risk, covers not only these and other statistics for practice considerations with specialty populations, but also, the statutory mandates in Florida for persons considered at risk, and those who are serving their needs.

Course Objectives

  • ο€ŒList at least 3 patient/client populations identified in the empirical literature as being at greater risk of suicide or suicide attempts.
  • ο€ŒList 3 patient/client care levels to consider when conducting a suicide assessment.
  • ο€ŒList 3 patient/client presentations, when noted during clinical suicide risk assessment that would indicate the need for in-patient hospitalization.
  • ο€ŒList 3 major areas clinicians should evaluate prior to selecting any Rapid Assessment Instrument (RAI) for use in practice.