Qualified Supervisor Update and Fusion of Trauma Informed Care, Feedback Informed Treatment, and Deliberate Practice

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Course Description

This 4 HR Continuing Education Course for Qualified Supervisors provides a comprehensive update to FL Laws and Rules; electronic delivery methods and confidentiality; supervisory documentation; practice models; challenges in supervision; cultural issues; accountability in the supervisory relationship; the business of supervision; ethical, legal, and regulatory issues surrounding delivery of teletherapy, and current best practices associated with Telemental Health.

Course Objectives

  • ο€ŒReview changes to Florida laws and rules relating to Registered Interns and Qualified Supervisors.
  • ο€ŒAnalyze electronic delivery system for supervision and methods for insuring confidentiality.
  • ο€ŒDiscuss ethical, legal and regulatory issued of supervision, including documentation of the supervisory sessions.
  • ο€ŒReview research of supervision models.
  • ο€ŒReview Challenges in supervision.
  • ο€ŒAddress how cultural issues can affect the supervisory relationship.
  • ο€ŒDiscuss accountability of both the supervisor and the supervisee in the supervisory relationship.
  • ο€ŒDiscuss the business aspects of supervision.
  • ο€ŒDiscuss ethical, legal, and regulatory issues of teletherapy.