Domestic Violence: Protecting the Vulnerable During a Crisis

CE Tracking no. #20-804418

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Course Description

This 2-hr. course (CEBroker Course #20-804418) offers skills to Board 491 licensees to screen and evaluate patients/clients for domestic violence (DV), whether as potential survivors or perpetrators, as defined within Florida statutes (CHs 456 and 741).

Course Objectives

  • ο€ŒApply FSΒ§741.28 Domestic Violence (DV) and other DV definitions in clinical practice to screen and evaluate potential DV survivors and perpetrators.
  • ο€ŒEmploy reliable screening and assessment tools to identify patients/clients with a history of Domestic Violence (DV) as either survivor or as perpetrator.
  • ο€ŒCreate information to include in referring patients/clients to community resources and/or advocacy groups, including legal, shelter, counseling, or protective services.
  • ο€ŒEstablish clinical practices and procedures to address initial and/or long-term therapeutic needs of survivor(s) and/or perpetrator(s).